How Brightly Works


Brightly was founded after an in-depth and candid examination of how small and medium-sized businesses bought policies, paid premiums, submitted claims and navigated the many associated challenges and complexities of a prehistoric process.

While it was hard to miss the mess and complexity, first and foremost, we saw the opportunity: simple, convenient, personalized and cost‐effective.

We envisioned a way to 'do insurance differently‐better!' We imagined insurance and services bundled as a more complete and value‐driven solution ‐ one that provides the small business owner with relevant and intuitive services to realize better value from policies and grow their businesses.

We provide the most intuitive and comprehensive commercial cyber and privacy services in the industry, including an A rated cyber policy built for businesses. Our BOP (Business Owner's Policy) also is A rated and comes with one of the best and most innovative business continuity and growth services in the industry ‐ combos to reimagine your business, realize growth and better protect your clients and your company's livelihood.

We are passionate about the service we build ‐ not only because the among the most innovative and simple to use, but more importantly because they enable small and medium size business owners to get great coverage, great service, save money and better position their businesses for growth and success.

Brightly's DNA, to listen to the small and medium sized business segments, to understand their challenges and re‐imagine them and provide them with the most innovative (the coolest) and simple to use tools to transform and grow their businesses.

Brightly is a technology and solutions company that provides you insurance with more than just a policy. Instead of just offering insurance coverage, we bundle services to deliver more value than traditional insurance.

We offer a variety of insurance products important to you and your business, provide significant value at a great price, are easy to understand and simple to obtain. This is how insurance should be.

With Brightly, everything is done digitally. Our online application for Cyber or Business Owner's Solution takes about 10 minutes to complete. Complete our short questionnaire and get your quote within minutes. You can then bind and purchase immediately - receiving your policy in real time. Once you purchase a policy, we provide access to your personalized portal where you can download your policy, access your services and file a claim. You may also request your certificate of insurance, which is the formal proof-of-insurance.

A claim is easy to submit and should be reported immediately.

To get started in filing your claim, please call or email us-

Filing a claim during business hours (9 AM - 5 PM EST):

Brightly Customer Support

Toll Free: (888) 827-4780


Your services are accessible through your Brightly portal. Once you have an account, go ahead and login to your Brightly portal. Once you are logged in you will see a tab on the left hand side that describes your services and redirecting you to our service platform.

Simply work through the quote on's site and we will easily and quickly add the additional coverages you need.

Insurance has always been seen as a necessary evil and a difficult and complex environment to navigate for small businesses. Here at Brightly, we understand the challenge and have sought to provide more value in a simple engagement and at a better price when it comes to covering your most important asset - your business. Unlike most insurance, we offer you the ability to get a quote and purchase insurance completely digitally. We also bundle together coverage and services because we believe insurance should do more.


Looking for cyber insurance for your small business? Brightly's Cyber Solution not only features a cyber policy but provides fast, easy, and comprehensive support with everything from fraud preparation to post-incident cleanup. Our cyber insurance services are available online and include concierge phone and advocacy. Find out more below.

Brightly's cyber insurance provides protection from a breach of private information that has been given to your business. This can be email addresses, names, phone numbers or anything unique to an individual.

Our policy has several coverage options to fit your needs - $100,000, $250,000 or $1,000,000.

The Cyber Liability Program covers for the cost associated with an actual or suspected breach of protected personally identifiable information in your business' possession that could be linked back to an individual.

To be eligible for our cyber insurance, you have to meet a few basic requirements -

  • Business must be domiciled in the USA
  • The following classes of business are excluded: (a) Banks, (b) Credit Unions, (c) Payment Processors, (d) Gambling Organizations, (e) Online Adult Industry, (f) Social Media/Networking Firms, (g) Cloud Providers (h) Federal and State government agencies (I) Municipalities (j) Franchise (k) Crypto-currency (l) marijuana dispensaries
  • Business must not be aware of or have any knowledge of a potential cyber claim at the time of application
  • Annual gross revenue of the business cannot exceed $7,500,000
  • If you ever have any more questions, please feel free to all us at (888) 827-4780. We know insurance can be confusing and we are here to help!
  • Just a heads up, this is a brief coverage summary, not a legal contract. The actual policy wordings should be reviewed for specific terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions that will govern in the event of loss.

Our cyber policy is admitted in all 50 states. What does admitted and non-admitted mean anyways? An admitted insurance policy has been approved by the state's insurance department and is backed by the state. This means that if anything happens to Brightly, the state will take care of paying out your claims. It just acts as an added layer of security.


Brightly's BOP coverage is the ideal insurance coverage for small to midsize businesses. This bundled coverage includes both property and general liability. Even if you do not own your work space property coverage helps protect business items such as laptops and equipment. This solution also comes with Business Interruption coverage for up to 12 months. In addition, you gain access to our full suite of Business Growth & Continuity services.

Our coverage includes both property and general liability coverage. General liability coverage provides bodily injury or property damage to someone else during the course of your businesses activities. In addition, our property coverage covers owned or rented properties as well as business items such as equipment or electronics. Our policy also comes with Business Interruption coverage for up to 12 months. Which means that if your business sustains a loss due to the fire, wind or other physical damage, or was impacted by theft or other covered loss, you are also covered for one year of lost revenue and additional expense needed to continue business as before. This is an important safeguard to have in place and can make the difference between getting back to full operations and having to shut down.

Your Business Owner's Policy comes with access to our suite of Business Growth & Continuity Services. These services provide practical guidance in the key areas of planning sustainable business growth, regardless of size or industry. These areas include strategy, operations, marketing and staffing.

Strategy and Operations

We use proprietary tools and expert knowledge to analyze our client's business strategies and identify opportunities for growth. We help our clients gain a competitive edge in the marketplace by streamlining business operations and implementing smart business strategies. All of our strategies are tailored to each client and help them tackle challenges specific to their industry, client needs, and business objectives.

Marketing and Staffing

We provide assistance identifying the most effective marketing strategies to achieve business goals. Our recommendations for clients address everything from the best channels for investment to staffing to best practices to possible new product developments or customer segments to target.

Business Preparation and Continuity Plan

Preparation of critical documents including signing authority documentation, checks and balances, decision paths, baseline assessment, and business continuity planning.

BOE Claim Concierge and Advocacy

Assistance with claim preparation including document support and advocacy.

Business Operation Assistance

Toolkits for business operation, assistance with brand and reputation management, continuity with customers and employees, communications and business consultation.

A BOP consists of general liability insurance and commercial property insurance. Neither policy is required by law but the specific requirements may vary by state. However, many of the people you do business with will likely have general liability insurance requirements. You may need this policy if you want to sign a client contract with these requirements. Proof of general liability coverage is also required to apply for certain professional licenses.

Additionally, many commercial landlords require tenants to purchase commercial property insurance. A landlord might ask to see proof of coverage before you can sign a lease.

The amount of BOP coverage you need depends on factors such as the type and size of your business, number of employees, and the type of customers you typically work with. However, many small businesses opt for the standard $1 million / $2 million small business policy. This means the policy will pay up to $1 million to cover any one claim, with a $2 million limit for the lifetime of the policy, which is typically one year.

Yes, our Business Owner's Policy includes Business Interruption coverage for up to 12 months. This means that if your business suffers a loss due to wind, fire, or any other physical damage, or was impacted by a theft or covered loss, you are also covered for up to one year of lost revenue and additional expense needed to continue business as before. Lucky you!

No, our Business Owner's Policy does not include commercial auto coverage you will need to obtain a commercial auto policy.

A Business Owner's Policy covers you and your employees, but typically does not include independent contractors. You can either add contractors to your policy on a temporary basis as an additional insured, or require them to purchase their own general liability insurance for a contractor's policy.

The general liability portion of your BOP includes what's known as advertising injury coverage. It protects you from lawsuits related to libel, slander, and invasion of privacy, as well as copyright or brand infringement. That means if you are sued for writing something negative about a competitor on social media, you're covered.

The Business Owner's Policy application requires some basic information about your business, including where it's located, number of employees, and estimated revenue for the upcoming year.

The application will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Get started here.

Our certificates of liability insurance are digital. We can email you one as soon as your policy is activated. You can also access your certificate online by logging into your Insureon account.

With over 130 preferred business classes from artisan contractors to barbers to retail establishments, our BOP policy is a great fit for most small businesses. BOP covers a wide array of different businesses, however some are excluded. Our BOP coverage does not cover businesses that manufacture products or alter products made by others due to the risks these products can cause. We also do not cover any business that is buying products outside of the US and reselling them within the US. In order to be eligible you need to buy goods from a US-based provider. There are also certain businesses that are higher risk, such as children's day camps or programs that operate at an individual's home that we do not cover. These are generally high risk activities that also include outdoor adventures and tour businesses.

You may cancel at any time through your Brightly portal or by contacting customer service. If you cancel your policy early, you run the risk of paying more the next time you purchase coverage. You also leave your business exposed to potential risk if you cancel your coverage.